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JoieJoie326 (ジョワジョワ326)









「JoieJoie」 --- 私たちの作る洋菓子を通して、みんなで喜びの時間を






In French, “Joie” means joy for oneself.

However “Joie Joie” means joy for everyone.

Our hope at "Joie Joie" is that our cakes will bring you as much joy as we receive from creating them for you.

材料へのこだわり  Select Organic Ingredients











We use fresh eggs from free-range chickens in yomitan for making quiche,and fresh vegetables from an organic farmer in kitanakagusuku.

In addition, we use no refined sugars. We select the highest grade cane sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup. We only use organic flour, and local Okinawan fruit as much as possible. Our goal is to make sweets that are pleasing to your heart and body.

確かな技術 Highly skills








The owner has 20 years experience as a pastry chef. He is from okinawa but left to work in famous cake shops in Tokyo and kanagawa.

He returned to Okinawa and worked at the busena luxury resort hotel as the head pastry chef.  Where he was  given the honor of creating desserts for the world leaders at the Okinawan G-8 summit, and APEC leaders conference.(See PATISIER page for detail.)

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